Innovative Developers, Inc., IDI, is a full-service commercial real estate developer based in Fort Worth, Texas.  Since 1969, IDI has been creating value in real estate through development and construction solutions for Tarrant County business leaders who recognize real estate as an integral part of their business models.  IDI is known as the “owner’s” developer, specializing in build-to-suit real estate for full or partial owners who are also occupants in the completed projects.

“IDI-ology”, as the platform has been termed, is what IDI uses to create value in commercial real estate for its clients.  While the platform is designed to be a full-service development model, the client can engage IDI for separate services as needed.  The full-service development model is comprised of these 7 services: site selection, development plan, economic analysis and financing, ownership structure, construction management, real estate/brokerage services, and property management.

Together, the IDI team that supports the company’s full-service development model has more than 150 years of development and construction experience. Glen Hahn, IDI’s president and CEO, joined IDI in 1974, just five years after it was founded, and serves as the company’s visionary and leader.  Hahn has a well-crafted team specializing in certain areas including brokerage, development planning, estimating, construction management, and property management.